AFENI ENERGY AND GLOBAL TRADING LIMITED offers the following services in Business consulting:

  • Strategic planning and economic development
  • Project/Program/Process management/Risk management
  • Advisory services
  • Feasibility, Valuation and Market studies
  • Negotiations
  • Market penetration strategy
  • Strategic analysis
  • Project financing support
  • Technology strategy and implementation

Consulting in Energy

Oil and Gas: AFENI Ltd delivers advice and support on a wide range of strategic and project management to a diverse and growing base of oil marketing businesses. AFENI Ltd is specialized to provide a comprehensive overview of the industry. With the support of AFENI Ltd, petroleum companies will become familiar with the various phases of the oil and gas value chain, upstream, midstream and downstream – the key industry players, the basics of oil and gas supply, demand and pricing and the challenges that the industry faces as demand for these important form of energy grows by 50% in the next 25 years. AFENI Ltd team are expert with the UN and US Government tenders in Africa and help African Oil Marketing Companies to strategize and participate in these tenders. Our team also works on business strategy, advise and development for local oil and gas companies for any exploration opportunities.

Renewable Energy: AFENI Ltd connects foreign renewable energy companies to projects in different countries in Africa for green energy sustainability. AFENI Ltd handles the business development, the risk management and the project management with selected local renewable energy companies.

Consulting in Business development for startups in different industries

  • Agro-commodities/FMG/Fashion/Health and Beauty and other industries:
  • Selection of credible suppliers from Africa
  • Quality control and ISO Certification
    Connecting buyers and sellers of commonly produced agricultural commodities in Africa
  • Marketing strategy for Europe/Middle East/Asia/North America export market
  • Export European certification
  • Business Women Accelerator: WE-AFENI@CONNECT (Women Entrepreneurs — Africa Empower Network Impact). WE-AFENI@CONNECT provides:
  • Office space and online support for startups women entrepreneurs
  • Business consulting and development
  • Marketing assistance (Social media management/Content/PR)
  • Assistance with Business plan/Presentation for funding
  • KYC/KPI/Accounting/Financial management
  • Legal & Tax advisory services
  • Access to funding (banks, venture capital/private investors…)
  • Coaching and capacity building
  • Business training
  • Leadership/Mentorship with Advisory Board & mentors