About Us

AFENI Ltd is a multimodal company which specializes in the supply and distribution of commodities such as petroleum products, renewable energy products, agro-commodities, health and beauty products and business development and consulting in different industries. AFENI Ltd also provides AgriTech and digital trading/financing through its Fintech and Tech partners.

AFENI Ltd creates business value by incorporating sustainable solutions and provides its clients with comprehensive trading supply chain solutions that lower the cost of procurement, transportation and management of goods. To ensure efficiency of its operations, quality and price competitiveness, AFENI Ltd has partnered with reputable local and international suppliers. AFENI Ltd developed reliable suppliers/buyers, international partners network who put their trust in the company.

AFENI Ltd is constantly evaluating potential markets and is establishing new business relationships within the oil and gas, agriculture, renewable energy and other sectors as the local, regional and international market continues to grow. Based in Kenya with strong networks worldwide, the company is strategically positioned to cater to the African and international market.


At AFENI Ltd we are committed to innovation and excellence. We lean on our Reliability, Loyalty, Commitment, Consistency, Efficiency and Respect.


To become a key player in the Trading of commodities combined with technology and business consulting with strong expertise and a substantial market share. Our aim is to provide excellent, innovative services and trading solutions to our local and international customers. AFENI Ltd has a strong philosophy of transparency, honesty and accuracy as well as the upmost respect for its customers and partners. We constantly strive to further enhance our reputation and be recognized for these distinctive values.