(AFENI Ltd) is a privately owned commodity trading and business consulting company.
AFENI Ltd specializes in the trading of commodities, digital and business consulting with abidance to its corporate values, close attention and professional service to its customers, suppliers and business partners with over 30 years combined of experience from its founders/directors and senior consultants.

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About Us

AFENI Ltd is a multimodal company which specializes in the supply and distribution of commodities such as petroleum products, renewable energy products, agro-commodities, health and beauty products and business development and consulting in different industries. AFENI Ltd also provides AgriTech and digital trading/financing through its Fintech and Tech partners.

AFENI Ltd creates business value by incorporating sustainable solutions and provides its clients with comprehensive trading supply chain solutions that lower the cost of procurement, transportation and management of goods. To ensure efficiency of its operations, quality and price competitiveness, AFENI Ltd has partnered with reputable local and international suppliers. AFENI Ltd developed reliable suppliers/buyers, international partners network who put their trust in the company.

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